Message from Dean ( in English )

Message from Faculty of Humanities

Yoichi Saito, Dean, Faculty of Humanities at Niigata University

Have you had a moment when you heard the "voices" of books? These books vary from Western to Eastern literature and from the old times to the modern day
Or have you imagined the faces of the users of the earthenware and stoneware which you are holding, even if they aren't whole, and they are broken into pieces?

Or have you felt the old inhabitants living in the place where you visit? At that time did you want to make clear what happened in that place? Even if you have to accept the truth that Yoshitsune and Yukimura, for example, aren't good-looking.

Can you interpret a message from various media such as newspapers, TV, the Internet, and even comic books and animation? Do you have a way with analyzing behaviors of human beings?

You could learn such abilities in this faculty.

We have six courses of study; they are Psychology and Human Studies, Field Studies in Society and Regional Culture, History, Japanese and Asian Linguistics and Literature, Western Languages and Cultures, and Representation and Media Studies. The field of our faculty is the culture of human beings. The range of this culture is always expanding like the inflating universe. So the subjects you are interested in may leap into the main culture. Will you join us in finding a new culture?

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