To students from universities other than those which have entered into an exchange agreement


General Information (2013-2014)

8050 Ikarashi 2-no-cho,
Niigata 950-2181,
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Admission Policy

The philosophy of the Niigata University Faculty of Humanities is to conduct education of and research into people and their cultures from diversified and
comprehensive viewpoints. For us to realize this academic philosophy, we are looking for students with solid fundamental academic skills and a strong drive for learning, as well as those with a keen interest in the various cultures that humanity has created.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Humanities includes topics such as the classics from all ages and civilizations, stone artifacts which reveal ancient peoples, right through to movies and dramas. We offer traditional literature studies but assimilated with a modern means of education including computer-based experiments and research, fieldwork which takes society as its stage for learning, and self expression through one's body, while also offering comprehensive, professional basic education. Through this style of education, we aim to broaden students' perspectives, enrich their knowledge, and strengthen their moral character, while training them to be capable of dealing with the wide range of issues facing modern society.

The Faculty of Humanities, with its two pillars of providing a professional education and emphasizing a liberal arts education that serves to polish basic learning and cultivate logical thinking, implements the following unique educational practices:

  • Classes on research methods and practical subjects to improve students' ability to personally discover a problem and to pursue it in a way that considers how to resolve it
  • Small group tutorial subjects over the 4-year program to improve self-expression in Japanese through discussion with others
  • Classes on "crossover and interdisciplinary subjects" to improve the ability to tackle problems from a broad perspective
  • A "Seminar in Creative Arts" involving the local community increative activities
  • An emphasis on foreign language education, information literacy, and vocational education to foster individuals who can play an active role in international society
Curriculum The curriculum offered by the Faculty of Humanities offers a large number of subjects through which you can learn about modern Japanese culture. Please visit the following links for further details.
Please note that details are available in Japanese at this time. English versions are currently being prepared.
Introduction to faculty members
Academic calendar
(For details, please see the accompanying sheet.)
1st semester 2nd semester
Start date of semester Start date of classes End date of classes Start date of semester Start date of classes End date of classes
2014/04/01 2014/04/11 2014/08/08 2014/10/01 2014/10/01 2015/03/10
Examination schedule in 1st semester Examination schedule in 2nd semester
Start date End date Start date End date
2014/07/31 2014/08/06 2015/02/04 2015/02/13
The examination schedule has not been officially fixed.
Please be aware that the date will vary from class to class.
Position in the university Special Register Student*
*Special register students are students from universities that have not entered into an exchange agreement and who pay all tuition fees
Examination fees, entrance fees, lesson fees
Examination fees JPY 9,800
Entrance fees JPY 28,200
Lesson fees JPY 14,800 x No. of credits
Required Japanese language ability In order to register for classes that the Faculty of Humanities holds in Japanese or which are related to Japanese culture, it is necessary to have Japanese language abilities to level N2 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. However, this is not required if you are studying Japanese in the International Exchange Support Center.
Documents for submission

Students who wish to attend the Faculty of Humanities on a study abroad basis are requested to submit documents (1) through (8) below. Items (1) through (7) should be submitted in either English or Japanese. Please prepare item (5) in accordance with the sample document.

  1. Degree certificate and/or student registration certificate issued from the last academic institution you attended
  2. Letter of recommendation from a teacher
  3. Academic transcript
  4. Statement of purpose
      (Please download the form from here [ PDFen ja | DOCen ja ] )
  5. Application form for admission as a "Special Register Student"
      (Please download the form from here [ PDFen ja | DOCen ja ] )
      (Please click here[ en ja ]  for a sample)
     *Students must take more than 7 classes per week, or more than 10 hours per week, in order to meet the visa status of "Student" stipulated by the Immigration Control Law.
  6. Certification of Japanese language ability: Pass certificate for level N2 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
  7. Résumé
      (Please download the form from here [ PDFen ja | DOCen ja ] )
  8. Duplicate copy of receipt of examination fees
      (Please ask in advance for a payment slip from the Faculty of Humanities Academic Affairs Office, Niigata University.)

Whether or not you will be admitted to the university will be determined based on a review of these documents. If you pass this screening process, we will notify you by post about the university entrance process.

Address for submission Faculty of Humanities Academic Affairs Office, Niigata University
8050 Ikarashi 2-no-cho,
Niigata 950-2181,
Closing date for submission of documents

  Closing date
1st semester (2014's) 2013/12/14 (No acceptance for 2013's academic year)
2nd semester (2014's) 2014/06/14 (No acceptance for 2013's academic year)
Lodgings for international students Students who require lodgings provided by the university are requested to apply in advance to their potential supervising professor. If there are a large number of applicants we may not be able to meet your request.  → pdf
Application for Certificate of Eligibility to stay in Japan

Address for submission Faculty of Humanities Academic Affairs Office, Niigata University
8050 Ikarashi Nino-cho,
Niigata 950-2181
Deadline for submission To be decided
Facilities for the disabled None

for English students