Q&A for International Students

Before you arrive

Q1. What is the system for applying for housing (dormitories)?

The teaching staff at the admissions center is responsible for the application procedure. Although there is a good chance that you will be given priority as an exchange student, the number of schools with which we have an exchange agreement has been increasing and the number of international students has also been increasing recently. So there may be cases where you are unable to get a place. If this happens, the faculty staff at the admissions center is responsible for helping you look for accommodation.

Q2. I want to buy a cheap airline ticket. By what date do I need to arrive in Japan? When does registration for classes begin?

Classes for the second semester start on 1 October. You generally cannot enter the accommodation until this date. If you arrive in Japan earlier than this, you should arrange for accommodations, such as at a hotel (you must make the arrangements yourself). You can register for classes after your identification card (student ID) has been issued. Your student ID contains your enrollment number.

Transportation from the airport to the university

Q1. How do I get from Niigata Airport to Niigata University? Approximately how long will it take?

There is a bus terminal for limousine buses to Niigata Station diagonally in front of the Niigata Airport International Terminal entrance. The price is 400 yen, and it takes approximately 25 minutes. To get from Niigata Station to Niigata University, take either of the "Niigata University (Niigata Daigaku)" or "Uchino via Niigata Daigaku" bus from terminal 7 of the bus terminal outside the Bandai exit of Niigata Station. Do not take the "Uchino via Nishikobari" bus because this bus does not stop at Niigata University. Alternately, catch a train bound for "Uchino" or "Yoshida" on the JR Echigo Line and get off at Niigata Daigaku-mae Station (the train ride takes about 20 minutes). The walk from the station to the university takes approximately 20 minutes.

Niigata St. Bus Terminal List


Administrative procedures

Q1. How should I write my name?

Your name is registered at Niigata University (ID card at Niigata University) in the Latin alphabet as it is written on your passport regardless of your country of birth.

Q2. How do I get permission to enroll as a privately funded international research student?

Research students are unable to make applications that extend across years. If you want to obtain permission to enroll across years, you should apply for a visa extension around December of that year.

Q3. How do I get my residence card?

The residence card is issued during immigration procedures at the four major airports (Narita, Haneda, Chubu, and Kansai), or is sent by postal mail afterward when entering the country through any other airport. During the immigration process, you need to write down your address in Japan. After entering the country, you must promptly report your address at the city office of Niigata City (or the municipal office of the city, ward, town, or village where you live). After this, you must take your residence card (or your passport if your residence card has not arrived yet) to the Academic Affairs Office.

Q4. When do I get my identification card (student ID) at Niigata University?

Your student ID is issued 3 to 4 working days (weekdays) after completing the enrollment procedure. Please note that it is not handed out on the spot.

Q5. What is the minimum number of lectures for special auditor students?

If your status of residence in Japan is "Student" (and this also applies to special auditor students and research students), then you are required to take 10.5 hours or more of lectures per week. This is stipulated by law, and so at Niigata University you must apply to enroll in 7 or more units per week.

Q6. How long does it take to get certificates, etc.?

It takes 4 to 5 working days (weekdays) to issue certificates, etc. Make sure you allow for enough time when you make your application. If there are any problems with your application, it could take longer. Certificates are issued faster if a Japanese language translation is attached. The academic transcript of the lectures you attended at Niigata University is issued after the grades for that year are officially published, while proof of the period of attending university is issued after the enrollment period.

Note: Students shall bear the cost individually of posting certificates, etc. after returning to your country.


Q1. Is the use of file sharing software allowed?

No. File sharing software cannot be used within Niigata University. If you do use it, you will be banned from using PCs at Niigata University.

Q&A for International Students